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Oświadczenie Prezydium ICOM Polska w sprawie zawieszenia ICOM Rosja w prawach członka organizacji międzynarodowej

Warsaw, 1 March 2022


Dear ICOM President,

Dear ICOM International Community,


In the face of the ongoing Russian aggression on our neighbor, the Ukraine, and the loss of hundreds or thousands of civilian lives and the destruction of material substance and cultural heritage, ICOM Poland demands an immediate suspension of ICOM Russia as a member of the ICOM world community and all ICOM international committees, as well as blocking the presence of ICOM Russia in the General Conference in Prague.

Similar measures were and are being taken by multiple organizations in the world. And that, not without a reason. The Russian society, heavily indoctrinated by the Kremlin propaganda, has to hear the message: Russia and Russians have to stop this madness! The museum community is no exception here.

We expect ICOM Russia to take a position against the inhuman, destructive actions of the Russian military on the Ukrainian soil. The more, that ICOM Russia President is at the same time the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Culture of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation!

A the same time we urge the international community to extend all possible assistance to our colleagues in the Ukraine!

The Board of ICOM Poland