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Zbiorcza informacja na temat reakcji Komitetów narodowych ICOM odnośnie wojny w Ukrainie

Poniżej znajdą Państwo zbiorczą informację na temat reakcji poszczególnych Komitetów Narodowych odnośnie Wojny w Ukrainie.

Zebrane stanowiska prezentujemy w języku oryginału czyli po angielsku.


ICOM Austria for temporary suspension of ICOM Russia – supports a temporary exclusion of ICOM Russia from ICOM as long as there is an active war against Ukraine.

– supports an exclusion of ICOM Russia from the GC in Prague – ICOM Russia should not have seat and vote.

– We nevertheless support colleagues from ICOM Russia to participate at the GC as just regular members without functions or representation.

ICOM Estonia for temporary suspension of ICOM Russia we are for the temporary suspension of ICOM Russia as well.

ICOM Russia is state institution we cant decide otherwise, although the individual members aspect is terribly unfortunate (and that’s maybe the next round of planning that should be done in non-institutional level).


I would suggest although that ICOM would react on this topic before the Prague meetings (which was stated in last newsletter), it would ease the situations, when some countries leave the meeting halls etc. Of course the visa’s are banned already from some EU countries, fight traffic is inadequate from Russia etc.

ICOM Czechia for exclusion of ICOM Russia note that ICOM Russia is directly associated with the Putin regime. The Chair of ICOM Russia is a member of the Duma and the United Russia party – more attached.

At the moment there is no other way than to ask for the exclusion of ICOM Russia from ICOM. As ICOM Russia is today, it is not possible for it to be a member of ICOM! […]

ICOM must show that freedom and democracy are our most important values.

ICOM Hungary for temporary suspension of ICOM Russia Detailed position explained in a PDF attached;
ICOM Lithuania for temporary suspension of ICOM Russia If we can no longer stop the war, then at least let us make it clear that there is nothing we have to do with the aggressor countries, Russia and Belarus, at the moment. And they have nothing to do with the activities of democratic countries. This is already done in all areas: sports, economics, art, music and so on.

I think being suspended in an organization does not match the feeling of a bomb falling overhead when the aggressor does not even choose where to hit.

These actions, tolerated by Russian and Belarussian governments, are already investigated by the Hague Tribunal as war crimes.

ICOM Poland for temporary suspension of ICOM Russia  
ICOM Slovakia for temporary suspension of ICOM Russia for the time of aggression 1. Immediate suspension of ICOM Russia and ICOM Belarus will last exclusively during the military aggression in Ukraine.

2. ICOM Russia and ICOM Belarus will be re-admitted as full members of ICOM after folding the weapons in Ukraine and the end of the war.

Association of Norwegian Museums Supports the move  
ICOM Moldova Supports Ukraine and condemns Russian aggression In connection with the current situation, when the majority of ICOM National Committees from European countries condemned the aggressive policy of Russia towards Ukraine, ICOM Executive Board should inform ICOM Russia about the intentions to suspend  its activities and to ask about the future vision of ICOM Russia within the framework of the ICOM family.  As you all well know,  yesterday the UN General Assembly by a majority of votes(141 out of 193 votes) adopted a resolution recognizing Russia as an aggressor country against Ukraine. And this position was supported by most of our countries!

We have been cooperating with colleagues from Russia for many years and many of them do not agree with the official position, but in this case this is not about the individual members of ICOM Russia this is about the Public non governmental structure that should be, first of all,  the voice  of the democratic principles of ICOM!

If the interests of ICOM Russia do not coincide with the interests of the international museum community and want to remain loyal to their government, ICOM Russia  must decide for themselves on the suspension of ICOM membership.

In this regard, I have a question, can the National Committee, which does not take into account European democratic values and the position of other National Committees, use the benefits of ICOM as participation in the General Conference in Prague or free admission to many European museums?

ICOM Romania condemns Russian aggression but is against suspending ICOM Russia I believe that for the time being our statement is sufficient and strongly reflects the position of the participating countries.  Further measures against ICOM Russia, its suspension, I believe is the responsibility of ICOM International.
ICOM Slovenia condemns Russian aggression but is against suspending ICOM Russia Many of our colleagues in Russia are protesting or are leaving the country because of its government. We need to support their voices, not suppress them. I am 1000% on the side of supporting my Ukrainian colleagues, but isolating our colleagues in Russia is not the answer. Did we isolate all the colleagues all around the globe in the last 5 years when wars started? no.


I am in favour of demanding a clear statement from ICOM Russia and this is the first step to start a dialogue. Please, don’t exclude no one, this is not the way our organisation should solve problems.


I am adding a part of the statement of the Russian scientists and scientific journalists on FB:

We respect Ukrainian statehood, which is based on really working democratic institutions. We treat the European choice of our neighbours with understanding. We are convinced that all problems in relations between our countries can be resolved peacefully.

Having unleashed the war, Russia has condemned itself to international isolation, to the position of a pariah country. This means that we scientists will no longer be able to do our work properly: scientific research is inconceivable without full cooperation with colleagues from other countries. The isolation of Russia from the world means a further cultural and technological degradation of our country, in the complete absence of positive prospects. War with Ukraine is a step to nowhere.

We are bitterly aware that our country, which made a decisive contribution to the victory over Nazism, has now become the instigator of a new war on the European continent. We demand an immediate halt to all military operations directed against Ukraine. We demand respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukrainian state. We demand peace for our countries.

ICOM Sweden condemns Russian aggression
ICOM SEE (South-Eastern Europe) against suspending ICOM Russia ICOM SEE will NOT support the initiative for suspension ICOM Russia from ICOM.


Members supported Kaja Širok opinion and added some opininons and suggestions, for example:


“The affirmative letter to ICOM Russia, saying we do expect they will do their best on safeguarding threatened heritage in war zones (in another country) is stronger message, from my perspective. And we here in the SE Europe, in conflicts 1991-1995 do have many positive examples on this.” (Darko Babić, Croatia)


“Culture is one of the most important channels for better mutual understanding. Our activities must rise above daily political events. ICOM SEE is just the best example of it.” (Slavko Spasić, Serbia)


“If I understand correctly the conversation, our colleagues from ICOM Russia have clearly stated their disapproval of Putin’s war. If this is the case, I strongly agree that they need our moral support. Exclusion would only have a meaning if they have been proactive in supporting their government’s murderous actions.« (Philippos Mazarakis, Greece)


“Heritage always needs support, understanding and networking, even more in the time of emergencies. It is a global unifying force, beyond the politics.  Therefore I believe that any moves after exclusion are unnecessary. We need to distinguish between different segments of society and politics and support all our colleagues.” (Tanja Roženbergar, Slovenia)


Association of Latvian Museums condemns Russian aggression Latvian Museum Association (LMA) which unites 120 Latvian museums and cultural heritage sites, strongly condemns Russia’s attack on Ukraine. LMA joins the letter published by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in expressing support for Ukrainian museum and cultural heritage professionals and the statement published by the Network of Museum Organisations.

We published our statement on our web page (  and also on Facebook.